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Surefresh Photocatalytic Air Purifier


Ultravation Surefresh™ is a innovative air purifier that destroys air contamination for cleaner, healthier indoor air! Eliminates odors, germs, and allergens. Fights odors in offices, kitchens, dorm rooms, exercise rooms and more.

Germicidal UV lamp included. Easy maintenance: The Surefresh™ inlet filter can be removed from the purifier and rinsed with water periodically. The UV-lamp should be replaced annually.

Unit dimensions: 8.5”W x 9.5” D x 3”H

220V models are also available. Email customerservice@ultravationstore.com for details.

SKU: sf-1000


Surefresh™ Photocatalytic Air Purifier

surefreshUltravation Surefresh™ Photocatalytic tabletop air purifier is not an air filter for particulates but uses activated carbon and UV (ultraviolet light) powered photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to break down odors and kill millions of bacteria, viruses and microscopic mold suspended in the air. Activated carbon blocks adsorb the volatile organic compound molecules (VOCs) that make up the majority of common odors, as well as smoke molecules and other airborne organics including bacteria, to keep the air fresh smelling and healthier to breathe. The process improves the air without additives such as perfumes.

Capture contamination with
Activated Carbon


Microorganisms and complex odor molecules are trapped in the activated carbon—specialized carbon infused with a proprietary titanium dioxide/silver formulation, the engine of photocatalytic conversion.

Purify with Photocatalytic Conversion


Freshened Air: UV light causes the titanium dioxide to release ions that convert odor / VOC molecules back to normal substances.

Disinfection: The UV light itself is germicidal, killing airborne bacteria and viruses by breaking up microbe DNA. UV is also a powerful oxidizer, attacking contamination along with the titanium dioxide formulation.

Allergens: Both processes are allergen-reducing depending on the nature of the allergen.

The Surefresh™ is self-cleaning

While activated carbon is well known for it odor adsorbing properties, eventually it will become saturated. The Surefresh™ air purifier’s titanium dioxide coated carbon blocks are automatically cleaned or regenerated by the UV-powered photocatalytic (PCO) process. It breaks down the trapped organic molecules creating simpler molecules—primarily trace amounts of CO2 and water. The carbon blocks cannot hold the simpler and harmless molecules, so they are released back into the air and the activated carbon can continue to purify the air.

Caring for the Surefresh™

The Surefresh™ inlet filter can be removed from the purifier and rinsed with water periodically. The UV-lamp should be replaced annually.

More about Ultravation's advanced PCO technology

Ultravation® advanced photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) products work at the molecular level to break up common household odors as well as other organics including airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens.

The PCO process breaks volatile organic compounds or VOCs which are the source of most household odors. When titanium dioxide is exposed to UV light the odor reduction begins. . . Hydroxyl radicals are short-lived ions created in the PCO reaction. They in turn react with contamination, breaking it up. The components then recombine combine to form simplified molecules, mostly water vapor and CO2 and the result is odor-free and healthier air.

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