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ProgressiveMedia Air Filters

Ultravation® ProgessiveMedia™ air cleaners are designed be the most efficient, effective, and easy to use filters available — totally practical whole house air cleaning. ProgessiveMedia™ easily captures 99% of particles 5 microns or larger (such as pollen) and much more with its pleated, layered design that has nine times more surface area than a traditional flat air filter. And the filters are built with technologically advanced Ultravation® UltraStrand™ hypoallergenic fibers that are uniquely shaped and electrostatically charged to attract particles for the highest value in whole house air filtration today. Remember, a clean HVAC system is more energy efficient which is better for the outdoor environment and for your pocketbook! ProgressiveMedia™ filters are carefree! They require no maintenance, and provide consistent indoor air quality improvement over their entire extended life!

About UltravationStore

UltravationStore is independently operated website authorized by Ultravation as a resource for genuine replacements. You can rest assured that all products available on this website are original Ultravation products.  

About Ultravation

Beginning in 2000, Ultravation has been specializing in improving air and water quality in residential, commercial and institutional environments. Both “tried and true” and several “cutting-edge” technologies are employed to create effective and practical solutions and the company has been awarded several patents for innovative product designs. Located in Western Vermont, Ultravation designs, manufactures and ships products nationwide and internationally. Learn more about Ultravation at


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